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Frequently asked questions about what happens during our tours, what is included in your tour price, and what you should bring.


Everything you need to know about preparing for your tour, and frequently asked questions about our booking process.


Want more information about our cancellation/refund policies, or group bookings? Check out our policies FAQs.

Tour Info

What is included with the tour?

Each individual Tour ‘Detailed Itinerary’ will list all the inclusions for that particular tour.

Do all rooms have ensuites/private bathrooms?

Yes, unless otherwise stated on the tour’s detailed itinerary.

Do you have a toilet onboard your vehicles?

No, but we make frequent comfort stops.

Do you have a home pick up/drop off service?

Yes, we have a home pick up which is free for Hibiscus Coast and North Shore residents. In other areas, we can arrange transfer transport for you.

Do you have seat rotation on your buses?

Yes, we change seats every day.

I am concerned that I will be the only one traveling on my own.

About 50% of all our passengers are traveling on their own.

I am traveling on my own but do not wish to pay the Single Room Supplement.

If you would like to share a room, we will endeavor to match you up with a like-minded traveler in a Twin Share room.


NOTE:  Due to Health and Safety regulations we are unable to transport ‘Walking Frames’, therefore you must have the ability to negotiate stairs and walk independently or with the aid of a walking stick.


What should I bring with me on my tour?

Our tours are all about being comfortable, so smart-casual clothing with comfortable walking shoes is recommended. It’s wise to always have a snack with you (muesli bar, etc). Bottled water is supplied by SHIP n SHORE Tours. And because they take up such a small space in your suitcase, why not pack your togs?

Do I have to pay the full tour amount when I book my space?

Each Tour states the deposit payment amount to secure your booking and also the balance due date.

What are my payment options?

You can pay online BNZ Orewa 020390 0028737 00 SHIP N SHORE TOURS (please state your Surname and Tour Name so we know who it is from and what it is for). You can go to your bank and instruct them to do a bank transfer to our bank. We also accept Credit Cards – no fee charged for Deposits. 2% Fee charged for Balance Payments.

Can I use my Air NZ Airpoints to pay for my flights?

YES.  We will deduct the airfare content off the tour price, advise you what flights the group is booked on and you can book your own flights by either booking online or ringing Air NZ.  (We are not authorised to book your flights using your airpoints.)Y


What is our cancellation and refund policy?

The cancellation policy is written on the Tour Booking Form at the end of the newsletter under ‘FINE PRINT’ and also on the individual itinerary and the Boarding Pass/Receipt for each tour.

Can we accommodate group bookings?

Yes, you are able to reserve multiple seats or, if your numbers are 18 or greater, we may be able to organise a whole new, exclusive, tour for you.

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