2 days

Hobbiton 'Second Breakfast'

Luxury Lakeside Hotel. Seabird Coast Fish 'n Chips. Tour through the 12 acre Hobbiton movie set, finishing with a Millhouse breakfast spread fit for a hobbit.

By popular request we are returning to Hobbiton! This time we are sampling their new product – ‘Second Breakfast’, and we dine inside the newly completed Millhouse (we watched it under construction and we can’t wait to go inside). Being a Hobbit fan is not a prerequisite to join this tour, we’re not, but we just love Hobbiton! There’s just something about the place that is whimsical and magical and everything you might imagine in a utopia wonderland.

Tour Itinerary:

  DAY 1:
We head out to the Firth of Thames coast to Kaiaua Fisheries to have one of their famous Fish ‘n Chip Lunches. Drive the Seabird Coast to Paeroa to check out the antique shops. We then arrive at our new luxury lakeside hotel for the night. Prepare to be spoilt!

  DAY 2:
A simple Continental Breakfast (first breakfast) at our Hotel before we drive the short distance to Hobbiton Shire. We begin with a drive through the 1,250 acre sheep farm to reach the 12 acre movie set as our guide recounts fascinating details of how Hobbiton Movie Set was created. Hobbit Holes, the Green Dragon Inn, The Mill and other structures transformed this Waikato farmland into The Shire from Middle Earth. After our tour and a visit to The Green Dragon Inn, follow our guide over the double arch stone bridge to The Millhouse, where we will be treated to a breakfast spread fit for a Hobbit! The breakfast table will be heaped with everything you will need to set you up for the day (and maybe beyond!). We walk back through Hobbiton to board our bus and leave The Shire. Where better to make an afternoon stop to keep the wonderland theme alive, than Morrinsville, with its street art featuring over 50 life-size cow statues all brightly individually painted celebrating both the strong dairying sector and the town’s growing art culture. We make a comfort/ice cream/Pokeno Bacon stop at Mercer on our way home.


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+$154 for single room accommodation

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